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Need help with your animals feed?       Call us we'll be happy to help.

Feed Services

Eaton Farm Bureau Co-op has a complete feed mill that can formulate your custom mix, utilizing a number of grains and ingredients to help your animals perform at their best. You can get a single bag of feed or have feed brought to you by one of our bulk trucks. We also provide a route bag delivery service for a reduced rate. Call to determine what day we come to your area.

The feed mill is open Monday through Friday for custom orders. The feed mill is open Saturday am for order pick ups, and stocked bag products but not for custom mixes.

To help us serve you better call your feed order into the store by 10:00 am the day before needed. This helps us reduce costs by, planning delivery routes, better utilization of manpower by reducing overtime, and in the event of a break down more time to fix the problem before you need your feed. Special product orders may require more lead time.




For more information, or if you would like help selecting or formulating a diet you may call the store or email efbc@eatoncoop.com to start the process. Bob Stark RStark@eatoncoop.com, our Feed Department manager can work with you and our Purina Animal Nutrition representatives. Bryan Wischmeyer covers commerical accounts (dairy, beef, and hog) and Cody Dudte covers lifestyle accounts (all others). Bob can arrainge an on farm consulutation if desired.

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