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Dieselex Gold      Ask about our cash/volume discounts for 450 gal or more.

Farmers ask for Dieselex Gold by name because it out-performs other diesel products. Our additives make the difference by providing:

                      Cetane Improvers 
                      Stability Package
                      Lubricity Agents

These mean more power, greater fuel efficiency and superior engine protection.


Suprex Gold      bulk or package

Premium line of engine oil that deliveries superior engine protection and extended drain intervals. Field tests by independent laboratories verify the products formulation and superior lubricity.


If would like more information about these offers you may call the store or email


Budget payment plan

Does your money get tighter during the winter heating season? We have a plan that will help by spreading your payments over the entire year instead of only the heating season. We’ll estimate the gallons you’ll use per year. If you have been a past customer we’ll have a good guess. We’ll estimate the price of heating oil through the winter. We’ll spread your payments over 10 months. If more payment is needed it will be due in the 10th month of the program. If less payment is needed, your April payment will be less.
  We will keep your tank full. You’ll receive a statement each month with your balance. If you miss a payment you will be removed from the program. If you are a current heating fuel customer with a balance on your account talk with us about adding the balance to your budget plan payment. If this interests you sign up and make the first payment before the end of June.
          The Budget Payment Plan is a better way of controlling your expenses rather than having us stop more frequently for a small delivery.
Payments are due by the 20th of the month. Other conditions may apply.
Delivery Issues
When our truck comes to your drive to deliver fuel we need your cooperation. Our drivers work hard for you. We ask you to do the best to make the delivery as smooth as possible. We must be off the road right of way, so the drive needs to be clear of snow and ice to drive in. Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed as to not rip the mirrors off the truck. Your pets need to be under control so the driver is not bitten.
Same day Service
If your account calls the office for delivery, remember it will take up to 2 business days to get to your tank if called before 10:00am. If you call after 10:00 on Friday it may be Wednesday before we get to it. If you need fuel faster than this our same day service charge is $100. If you are on the Budget or Keep Full plan the charge is waved.
Furnace problems  
Regular maintenance will head off many problems. If the heat stops we generally think that we are out of fuel. Many times this is not the case. First check your fuel gauge to see if you have fuel. If you don’t have a gauge or it is not working talk with your fuel driver to see what your options might be. If you do have fuel, talk with your furnace repair shop for some ideas that you can try before they make a service call.
Tank Maintenance
All tanks need to be maintained to provide you with years of trouble free service. Ask your driver for advice in this matter.
Thank you for your confidence in us to keep you warm this past winter.
Watch for home heating budget plan open enrollment starting in May.
Do you need a new oil furnace? Click here to have your questions answered.

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